Not Today Satan!

So when we originally started this brand, we never wanted to pay any attention to Satan. After all, he's not worth mentioning. However, there has always been a funny little meme that said “Not Today Satan,” on it, that I couldn’t help but find hilarious. So we threw together a little sweatshirt. Imagine my surprise when this sweater became our number one bestseller!

I have no appreciation for Satan, but let me tell you what is beginning to resonate with me, with this hoodie and why I think it struck such a chord with our customers. I think we’re all just ready to be boots on the ground! Am I right? Like are you not just feeling ready to lace up and get out there and take ground for the Kingdom of Heaven!? We live in a world that seems to be crumbling every day! But more and more of his sheep are hearing his voice and rising up to begin answering a call that was written on them before the foundations of the world. I’m ready! Are you ready? Because as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. And if the enemy thinks he can make tracks and run me and my family down???

I have three words for them : NOT TODAY SATAN!

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